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Welcome Letter

Welcome to the web of Scars & Stories!

You are about experience the Scars & Stories of five people. This project is a result of my Master’s Thesis project in Visual Anthropology (Aarhus University), and will continue as an independent project in collaboration with Useful Art for Communities (UAC) after I finish my degree (From November 15 and the next six months).

The website is made for people who have scars and perhaps a story to tell. I would love to work with you, if you are willing to share your scar and story with me. I will tell you more about that when you have read the book. That being said, all curious eyes are welcome. Scarred or not.

If you got here through the poetry book “Scars & Stories” (if you don’t have the book, download it here, and print it for yourself), you can read the poems and along the way there will be QR codes you can scan. The codes work as portals that will take you to different parts of the website, as you make your way through the book.

You can also experience the poetry book and the website independently of each other, however you prefer.

As a note to this experience, I want to say that you shouldn’t rush through it. The Scars & Stories are meant to be felt and touched, and that requires your undivided attention.

I hope you will enjoy diving into our Scars & Stories